Good day to you,

Photo by Jeffrey Banke

Padraig Shanahan here. I want to tell you about a new novel just released by DOCTOR JAC. Tis about me family, the Shanahans. You know him as Dr. Jac Fitzenz from the 16 books and 400 magazine articles he’s written in the past 40 years. The title of his new book is THE SHANAHANS, Mike’s Last Chance.

I’m a former Gaelic football player, top rate I was, even if I say so myself. Now I’m in me 60s and retired. Over the years since I gave up the game I’ve built a number of businesses. I own a distillery where we make the best Irish whisky as well as a special flavor vodka. I also have 2/3 interest in a research farm run by me daughter Kathleen. Besides that, I have a sheep farm down on the Cork Road and a 9-hole golf course and pub nearby. Enough about me.

The story is about Michael Fitzpatrick, a 32-year-old Irish American, sports editor in Boston. This lad comes to Ireland and gets involved with me family. I won’t ruin it for you, just tell you how it starts.
In 1958, Mike lost his job, house, wife and baby boy all within three months. When I heard of it, I called and told him he needed to come to Waterford where I had a job opportunity for him. But when he arrived he met fierce opposition from One-Pint Sullivan the editor of me floundering magazine, Irish Sports. My 28-year-old twin daughters Kathleen, who I mentioned above, and Maureen who is CFO of Shanahan Enterprises, didn’t see why I would bring this Yankee carpetbagger here either.

Mike tells the tale of how over the next two years he faced a cast of characters who made his job harder than it should have been. He dealt with incompetence, obstinance, duplicity and later, a romantic triangle and an attempted murder. Eventually, he made things right. Twas a fine job he did. You’ll enjoy reading about how he did it, you will.

Go now and read about us. May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.