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Dr. Jac, Author

I had the privilege of serving as the intelligence officer in a navy nuclear missile unit in the late 1950s. My job was to gather and consolidate intelligence data and pass it on to the staff of our unit for targeting programs and escape and evasion. This gave me exposure to a wide range of clandestine activities as well as information about naval intelligence service operations.

My first venture into fiction began as an autobiography, Rough Waters. Early on I decided to spice it up into the story of a young man’s encounters with life and love from college days through his naval service. Much of it is true, only the names and places are modified to protect the guilty.

This inspired me to write the Mike and Grace Novels applying my intelligence experience as the foundation for their espionage adventures. The series represents a unique approach to adventure stories in that the love of Mike and Grace is the thread that is the foundation of their work and their lives.

In Undaunted Lovers, they meet at a navy officers’ party, fall immediately in love, but face a seemingly insurmountable problem. The book follows them through a heart-rending excursion that’s not resolved until the last chapter when they come together at last.

In Spies with Benefits, they become a team traveling from the United Nations in New York west to California, Hawaii and Beijing excelling in counter intelligence encounters. Early on, a most unusual cat, CIXI, enters their lives and introduces a strange, but fascinating, new dimension.

Currently, I’m working on the third volume in the Mike and Grace series, 150 Times Around the World, it describes the wonderful people I worked with in 50 countries, tells of the dangers I faced (bombing, near drowning, being held up) and the funny things that I struggled through.

The Shanahans: Mike’s Last Chance

As a 32-year-old sportswriter in Boston, Michael “Mike” Fitzpatrick is living the dream – until the day he loses his job, house, wife and baby within the span of three months. On the brink of despair, he receives a call from his friend Padraig Shanahan who offers him a lifeline. An Irish national hero and entrepreneur, Shanahan asks Mike to move to Waterford to revive his floundering sports magazine. But Mike has his work cut out for him and is met with critical opposition from the magazine’s editor – One Pint Sullivan – and Shanahan’s twin daughters.

And that’s only the beginning. As Mike delves into the family affairs, he encounters incompetence, embezzlement, betrayal, and even an attempted murder. Remaining ever loyal to the family, his role takes on new meaning, and he finds himself hopeful for the future and the chance for a new life. At the heart of this entertaining drama is an extraordinary Irish family, beautifully flawed and utterly relatable.



Rough Waters
The Life of a Naval Intelligence Office

Michael was born in a during difficult time and faced hard circumstances. Rough Waters is a rich chronicle of adventures based on the author’s life. He grew up in a small town during the Great Depression and wasn’t sure what to do with his life until he earned an appointment to the Navy’s Officer Candidate School. He was assigned to Naval Intelligence. He’s soon sent on complex and dangerous missions.

From there, it’s non-stop action across the Pacific and into Asia with adventures in Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and The Philippines.

Still, Michael’s life is not all work and no play. He struggles for years before finding the woman with whom he can find peace and love. Michael is a man we can all relate to with dreams and the passion to follow them, even into the path of danger.

  Touche and well done!
The books lets us peek inside the life of a remarkable person.
~ Voirdire


As a debut novel, the narrative is focused, factual, sometimes even sparse — almost what you’d expect from a trained military analyst. But this is not a pointless spy story; over time it becomes a remembrance about the search for lost love, and ultimately a tale of personal redemption.

For those readers who now have the experience, wisdom and foresight to look back upon their own life’s voyage, “Rough Waters” is the kind of story which we’d like to share with our grandchildren and by which we’d like to be best remembered. Only hope the author is now writing a continuing volume in this intriguing story.

Jac, a well known HR guru takes a huge leap from the metrics of HR to a deep look at the inner workings of naval intelligence. His recollection of a dysfunctional family with all of the small details of the life at that time are worth reading and reflecting upon. Many will find these facts very familiar as I did. The book takes you on a whirlwind journey of the life of an intelligence officer and the intricate political twists and turns of life in the navy are interesting and informative. Congratulations Jac for making an easy transition into the world of a novelist. I look forward to your next book.
~ W. Doer


A boy who goes into naval intelligence school, becomes a spy, and travels the world. A good mix of hard times and good times with some surprising plot elements I didn’t expect. The story seems to start out slow to develop the character and then move on quickly to the heart of the story. At times I didn’t want to put it down until I finished the chapter. All in all a very good read.
~ D. Paul


What a Guy! I love the way the character develops over 30 years from a precocious, but mistreated 7 year old to a highly competent intelligence officer. It is a nice mix of humor, drama, love, danger, pain and success. His adventures from California and across the Pacific make this a real page turner. I never could guess what was coming in the next chapter. Can hardly wait for the sequel.
~ Amazon Customer


I finished this book in two evenings. Very engaging, human story about a complicated life Michael has to balance his duty to his country and his personal life. Very enjoyable read.
~ Gerald Weiland




Undaunted Lovers
A Tale of Forbidden Love (Volume 1)

Michael Holmes and Grace Donaldson (Liu Chan-juan) lead very different lives. His work sends him all over the world on naval intelligence missions. Meanwhile, Grace is married to a playboy and her tradition minded Chinese mother will not let her divorce him. When Mike’s and Grace’s meet it’s love at first sight.

While Michael’s missions as a naval intelligence officer take him across Asia, from the jungles of Vietnam to the crowded streets of Hong Kong, he holds on to his love for Grace as a beacon. Will the two find each other again, or will the dangers of Mike’s missions catch up with him and leave Grace to mourn a love never fulfilled. This electrifying romance will touch your heart.


  It is a fast read
Dynamic, truthful to its time, intimate, and compelling. It is a fast read that will send you straight to Doctor Jac’s other books. Just the thing for winter nights before other activity. Looking forward to the next book by this wizard of an author.

~ Westea


Undaunted Lovers is packed with action and excitement I just didn’t wanted to put the book down. From Hawaii to Washington DC to San Francisco, Shanghi and beyond Dr Jac brings the world to life in this spy adventure. Great book and a must read. Can’t wait to read the next book.
~ Ray B.


This was hard to put down. It is a great combination of suspenseful and believable situations and compelling characters. The hero is a good guy! I am looking forward to more books in this series.
~ Mary L. Manning


This story is interesting from beginning to end. The characters and events are very descriptive. The stories about the Michaels’ adventures in Naval intelligence are quite intriguing. It is one of those books that makes you look forward to the next chapter because you want to see what Michael is going to have to do next. All the while keeping the focus on the relationship between Michael and Grace as the key part of the storyline. Definitely worth reading.
~ Art P.


I read the second half in one sitting! Like WEB Griffin, but better, and Griffin is good. It’s really obvious that Dr. Jac is writing about situations he knows and has lived. The perfect airplane book…or any other time. Just a lot of fun, gripping, with no slow spots.
~ John Wentworth




Spies with Benefits
A Mike and Grace Novel (Volume 2)

Michael Holmes and Grace Donaldson (Liu Chan-juan) lead very different lives. His work sends him all over the world on naval intelligence missions. Meanwhile, Grace is married to a playboy and her tradition minded Chinese mother will not let her divorce him. When Mike’s and Grace’s meet it’s love at first sight.

While Michael’s missions as a naval intelligence officer take him across Asia, from the jungles of Vietnam to the crowded streets of Hong Kong, he holds on to his love for Grace as a beacon. Will the two find each other again, or will the dangers of Mike’s missions catch up with him and leave Grace to mourn a love never fulfilled. This electrifying romance will touch your heart.



   Double Barreled Fun! There is so much that’s good about Spies With Benefits. It’s fun and a quick read. The story is full of action. Mike and Grace are wonderful characters. But what struck me with this book was what an education i was getting about recent Chinese history. The setting comes to life and makes an already totally enjoyable and readable book just that much better.
~ John Wentworth


This book is an engaging and interesting read about the life of a man in the military. It could be the story about any of us that is searching to belong, but also yearning to be part of something larger than ourselves. Michael’s journey of learning, growth, and his explorations are fun to read about. Many people will be able to relate to Michael’s life. Definitely worth checking out.


Naval Officers have lives, too! Doctor Jac weaves a wonderfully thoughtful tale of an American who is living life’s challenges, failures, and bold-faced successes and realizations. A very entertaining read. Highly recommend it!


 I love this book. I am ex U.S.Navy sailor. If I were still in the Navy I would have been an O.N.I Covert Op.
~ Willie Bowen


AWESOME item, Thanks!
~ Manesauro


An accurate story of a Naval Officer’s military time. No real surprises, except for his dedication and loyalty, which were superb.
~ Joe O.


A detailed look at Naval Intelligence and an officer’s career and personal life implications.
~ Myrna 


Day 1: The book arrived from Amazon. Read 75 pages.
Day 2: Next night: read 60 pages.
Day 3: 3rd night, tonight, finished it. I loved it and had a really hard time putting it down.
~ John Wentworth


Having followed the development of the Mike and Grace relationship through Doctor Jac’s previous books “Rough Waters” and “Undaunted Lovers” I was eager to catch up with them again in “Spies with Benefits”. I was not disappointed. Their relationship blossomed into marriage and their joint adventures in espionage provide a gripping and realistic narrative. Beautifully researched and very well crafted, this book is highly recommended for an educational and most enjoyable read.
~ Neil Peters


The ROI of Human Capital – 2001, 2009 *2001 Book of the Year Award from the
Society for Human Resources Management

This book draws on decades of quantitative and qualitative international research by the prestigious Saratoga Institute. It provides a breakthrough methodology for measuring the bottom-line effect of employee performance. It’s author, Saratoga Institute founder Dr. Jac Fitzenz, virtually invented human performance benchmarking. Here, he shows how to build pathways that link specific human resources objectives to operational improvements and corporate financial gains. He shows how to measure return on investment at the organizational functional and employee level. Pictured is the cover of the Second Edition published in 2009.

Academics and managers alike have struggled with issues of measuring human resources for decades. Jac Fitz-enz stepped into this largely unsuccessful effort to shed some light. With each of his successive efforts, his insights and the utility of his measurement get clearer. The ROI of Human Capital represents a signal contribution, clearly written and compellingly useful!
~ Len Schlessinger, Executive Vice President, Organization, The Limited, Inc.

Fitz-enz brilliantly summaries the key points of the basic measurement system. These brief comments can only begin to suggest the scope and depth of his eloquent and compelling analysis of an immensely complicated subject.
~ American Chamber of Commerce Executives

The definitive work on putting into action all of those pretty words we say about valuing our employees. This book must be read by all who will compete for talent in this new world. I recommend it to everyone, except my competitors.
~ Deborah Besemer, President and CEO, HireSystems

The ROI of Human Capital is an ambitious venture into the world of employee performance measurement and improvement in economic value terms…a road map for fundamental examination, assessment and strengthening of multi-faceted human Performance.
~ Canadian HR Reporter

An important new business book…The ROI of Human Capital will serve as an excellent reference and guidebook for HR professionals and business leaders, especially CEOs and CFOs, who need to understand how HR contributes to their bottom line. This work will be invaluable as a framework for executive dialog on HR issues.
~ HR Magazine



The New HR Analytics – 2010

In his landmark book The ROI of Human Capital, Jac Fitzenz delivered a powerful methodology for pinpointing the bottom-line contributions of employees. Now, Fitzenz uncovers the most exciting and promising development in HR today: actually predicting the monetary value of future human capital investments through analytics. The book supplies principles, practices, and worksheets you need to thoroughly grasp and apply HCM:21©, the author’s four-phase predictive management model. This was developed by Dr. Fitzenz’s original research supported by 30 of the top HR practitioners and global thought leaders.

The New HR Analytics is the breakthrough people management playbook…The HCM:21© model introduces leading-edge predictive techniques that maximize return on human capital investments while energizing and engaging employees.
~ Ken Scarlett, President, Scarlet Surveys International

Dr. Jac Fitz-enz continues to provide the thought leadership businesses need now more than even when it comes to human capital management.
~ Shyam Patel, COO, People Report

In The New HR Analytics Jac Fitz-enz extends his decades of leadership in human capital measurement. It is a call to action that should inspire leaders to rethink their assumptions and improve their decisions.
~ John Boudreau, Professor and Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations, U. of Southern California.

Predictive analytics is what we’ve been waiting for because it’s the next level of understanding in Dr. Jac’s long and evolving journey to empower us with the core tools, terminology, and logic to make a difference.
~ E. Kleinert, Administration, HR Technology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center



Predictive Analytics for Human Resources
(Wiley and SAS Business Series)


Create and run a human resource analytics project with confidence.

For any human resource professional that wants to harness the power of analytics, this essential resource answers the questions: “Where do I start?” and “What tools are available?” Predictive Analytics for Human Resources is designed to answer these and other vital questions. The book explains the basics of every business—the vision, the brand, and the culture, and shows how predictive analytics supports them.

Dr. Jac has been the real deal in Human Capital thought leadership for more than 35 years. He proves it once again by laying out a step-by-step roadmap to analytics in his fifth book on the subject.
~ Bill Kutik, Technology Editor, Human Resources Executive

Predictive Analytics for Human Resources is a must-read for HR professionals seeking to build a robust analytics practice. Jac and John have provided the HR profession an indispensable guide on how to get started and hoe to move forward with predictive analytics.
~ Patti Phillips, PhD, President and CEO, ROI Institute

Dr. Jac Fitz-enz is simply a gift to HR leaders who want to be effective in business today. Any HR practitioner living through the dramatic curve jump from too little to too much quantitative workforce dada should read this book. It is a practical and insightful manual that will help the reader navigate the critical requirement of transforming data into knowledge that drives performance.
~ Joni Thomas Doolin, CEO and Founder, Black Box Intelligence

Jac and John write from decades of experience, describing practical steps for human capital managers to get started with human capital analytics. They provide a wealth of very accessible tools, tips and examples, distilling the best from their unique insights.
~ Dr. John W. Boudreau, Professor of Management and Research Director, U. of Southern California

Fitzenz and Mattox have applied analytics to predictive analytics. Their work isolates the analytics process and reintegrates it into useful tools for solving business problems. This excellent work is both a primer on the principles of analytics and a codebook on how to use them. Jac continues to evolve this field in creative ways.
~ Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, U. of Michigan; Partner, the RBL Group



How to Measure Human Resources Management – 1984, 1995, 2002


This is the first book published on to measure personnel functions. It covers hiring, compensation and benefits, training and development, employee Relations and retention programs. The purpose is to show top management in quantitative terms how the HR function contributes to the company’s bottomline. Pictured is the cover of the Third Edition published in 2002.

Human Value Management – 1990, *Book of the Year Award from the Society for Human Resources Management

This book provides a seven-step model for implementing human value management that will help HR professionals to: Refocus HR on the needs of its internal “customers” Identify, design and deliver HR services tailored to meet those customers’ needs Eliminate all activities that do not contributes to company goals. Pinpoint eight key areas in which HR must succeed to add clear and consistent value Evaluate HR’s contribution to organizational productivity, quality, organizational effectiveness and quality of work life.




Benchmarking Staff Performance – 1993

This book breaks new ground by showing how to plan and execute a benchmarking project that clearly demonstrates the measurable role staff departments play in contributing to organizational productivity, quality and service. Based on numerous hands-on experiences Dr. Fitzenz charts out how to identify which internal functions have the greatest potential for adding value, including sample questionnaires for qualifying benchmarking partners. He offers proven methods for measuring before and after results of staff functions.



The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies – 1997

Through four years of research into 1,000 companies Dr. Jac Fitzenz and his Saratoga Institute uncovered and documented the most enduring “best practices” in human asset management. They include: Balance, Commitment, Linkage, Communication, Stakeholder Partnerships, Collaboration, Innovation, and Competitive Passion.



A New Vision for Human Resources – 1998 (Co-authored with Jack Phillips)

“In business we’ve stopped talking about personnel administration or even human resources management. Now we are dealing with the management human capital…human resources is right in the middle of it. It is no longer a cliché to say that people are the most important asset of an organization. People are the only dynamic asset…Nothing happens without people. The effectiveness imperative is not measured in a flurry of programs. It is found in business results.”

~ from the Book


The E-Aligned Enterprise – 2001

Dr. Fitzenz offers a thoughtful, research-based analysis of what is different in today’s world — and what surprisingly remains the same. Through quantitative and qualitative research, he has found that three critical areas must be aligned for e-world success. They are leadership, strategy and human capital.


Business Process Outsourcing – 2004 (Coauthored with Edward Lawler, Dave Ulrich, James Madden V) – 2004

In this book, three of the foremost experts in the human resources field and the CEO of the top HR outsourcing firm, show how outsourcing offers an effective, low cost alternative to traditional administrative functions and provides HR managers with new opportunities to contribute directly to their company’s strategy and business performance.


Human Capital Metrics for the 21st Century -2012 (Coauthored with Jeff Higgins, et al)


Human Capital Analytics – 2013 (Coauthored with Gene Pease and Boyce Byerly)

Building on the work of coauthor Jac Fitzenz—the father of human analytics—and his book, Human Capital Metrics for the 21st Century, this well-researched book applies advanced statistical methodology coupled with today’s computing power. It focuses on predictive analytics to optimize and measure future human capital investments. It’s filled with case studies from leading global organizations.

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