There is reason to believe that CEOs want HR to have a positive and hopefully strategic impact on the business. On the other hand surveys continue to show that CEOs and other senior executives often see HR as process or program focused. Therein is the answer to the question of why doesn’t HR get a seat at the proverbial executive table. If someone doesn’t listen to you it is a sure sign that they don’t respect what you have to offer. Too often I have heard executives complain that HR asks for money to improve HR’s staff life or process yet can’t explain the value of that investment on the company’s objectives.

Think of it this way. I’m a senior executive in your company. You and I are meeting. You want me to do something. My question is why should I do it if I can’t see how it will directly or even indirectly help me achieve my goals? My responsibility as a corporate executive is to see that all resources are invested in a manner that will drive us toward achieving the organization’s strategic goals. If I don’t do that I’m not fulfilling my responsibility and should be removed from my position. So when you talk to me keep that in mind. Help me meet my responsibilities and I will be happy to listen to you.