1.  When you start writing a new book. Your existing readership, if you have one, will be excited to hear about a new book project in the works. And that means a blog or print publication that covers literary news or your topic of choice (for non-fiction books) stands to gain some new readers by announcing that you’re starting a new book. So put a press release together, or even an informal email with all the relevant details, and send it to some journalists and bloggers you think will be interested.

Things to tell the press:

What your book is about
What inspired the book
What’s different about this book from your previous work
What you’ve accomplished so far with the writing (how far along are you in the book, how is the process unfolding, etc.)

2. When you’re deep into the writing. Think about it: every time George R.R. Martin makes an announcement about how many words he’s written for the sixth Song of Ice and Fire book, the internet explodes! If he can get that much press, you can certainly get ONE story written saying you’re halfway done with your book. Let the press know how things are shaping up.

Things that bloggers may want you to provide:

Details on how it’s going and how many pages/words you’ve written.
Tentative book title
An excerpt

3. When you finish writing your book. Here’s the logical follow-up to the previous two items: a big announcement saying “I’m done with my book.”This gives you another chance to share details about the project, and any supporting content (videos of you in your writing space, photos, etc.). Plus, you can set some expectations about when the book will hit stores.

4. When you solidify your book title. The book title reveal will be exciting for your readers.. And again, it’s a great opportunity for blogs and print publications to attract some new readers with a quick story about your upcoming — and now NAMED — book.

What to tell the press:

A few essential details about your career
The most interesting sound bite about the new book
How the title reflects the topic, events, or characters in your book

5. When you finalize your book cover. This is always another fun reveal. I love seeing the covers for soon-to-be-launched books by my favorite authors and poets. When pitching this story to the press, provide similar info to your book title announcement, but perhaps include a few words about the design, the designer, and what it signifies about the book.