May 10, 2019: 150 Times Around the World is Dr. Jac’ chronicle of flying 4 million miles between 1978 and 2013 to train managers on human capital metrics and analytics. He worked in 52 countries and trained nearly 90,000 people. This is the story of the people he worked with and the activities they shared. There were times when everything went as planned and other times when plans went awry. He tells of almost drowning, being bombed, surviving midnight trips through unknown wilderness and being held up. Aiming for a late 2019 pub date.

April 15, 2019: Finding Fitzpatrick is a novel about an American journalist who loses his job, his infant son and his wife through divorce all in the space of six months. He receives a call from a friend in Ireland offering him a job. The man has twin daughters who find him to be a very interesting young man. How the three interact along with a manager who doesn’t want Mike to join the company. Have the next phase figured out, just need time to get to it.

January 26, 2019: London’s Secrets is the working title of the third book in the Mike and Grace Novels. Mike and Grace are recalled from their mission in Beijing to account for their highly unusual and very effective work in China. After meetings with Washington’s brass they find themselves attached to the U.S. Embassy in London. In a very short time they become involved with a suspicious Chinese entrepreneur and a Luxembourg investment banker. I can see where the story is going.