Dr. Jac Fitzenz

Dr. Jac has spoken to nearly 90,000 people in over 50 countries. His presentations are engaging, thought provoking and entertaining. Audiences can expect antidotes from Dr Jac’s experience as a naval intelligence officer as well as his groundbreaking work in the field of human capital management.

He often speaks on predictive analytics, the evolution of human motivation, the development of technology and how motivation and technology combine to advance our lives. He has a particularly interesting presentation on how to find the true purpose of an organization and how it affects customers along with the employee work/life experience.



The world market is on its edge. For the first time in history the three seminal forces of the marketplace are converging. As they fuse there will be a level of energy that will transform life on earth.



Humanity and Technology

Human progress has always been linked with the discovery and development of technology. From the use of the first stick to dig roots or hunt game until the advent of the internet the combination of human intelligence and technology has advanced civilization. Now what?



Finding the Purpose

It’s been said the purpose of a company is to create a customer. There is much more to that. What is the purpose of a computer, an airline, a washing machine? Ask the questions, “So What?”, and “Why?”. The answer is several levels below the obvious and very revealing.


Touche and well done!


The books lets us peek inside the life of a remarkable person.


It is a fast read

Dynamic, truthful to its time, intimate, and compelling. It is a fast read that will send you straight to Doctor Jac’s other books. Just the thing for winter nights before other activity. Looking forward to the next book by this wizard of an author.


Double Barreled Fun

The setting comes to life and makes an already totally enjoyable and readable book just that much better.

John Wentworth

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