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Rough Waters
The Life of a Naval Intelligence Officer

Michael was born in a during difficult time and faced hard circumstances. Rough Waters is a rich chronicle of adventures based on the author’s life. He grew up in a small town during the Great Depression and wasn’t sure what to do with his life until he earned an appointment to the Navy’s Officer Candidate School. He was assigned to Naval Intelligence. He’s soon sent on complex and dangerous missions.

From there, it’s non-stop action across the Pacific and into Asia with adventures in Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and The Philippines.

Still, Michael’s life is not all work and no play. He struggles for years before finding the woman with whom he can find peace and love. Michael is a man we can all relate to with dreams and the passion to follow them, even into the path of danger.

Undaunted Lovers
A Tale of Forbidden Love (Volume 1)

Michael Holmes and Grace Donaldson (Liu Chan-juan) lead very different lives. His work sends him all over the world on naval intelligence missions. Meanwhile, Grace is married to a playboy and her tradition minded Chinese mother will not let her divorce him. When Mike’s and Grace’s meet it’s love at first sight.

While Michael’s missions as a naval intelligence officer take him across Asia, from the jungles of Vietnam to the crowded streets of Hong Kong, he holds on to his love for Grace as a beacon. Will the two find each other again, or will the dangers of Mike’s missions catch up with him and leave Grace to mourn a love never fulfilled. This electrifying romance will touch your heart.

Spies with Benefits
A Mike and Grace Novel (Volume 2)

After a five year separation Mike and Grace are reunited at the United Nations where she’s on the US delegation staff. He’s recently returned from an undercover mission in Hong Kong. Their romance in absentia is crowned by marriage at The Little Church Around the Corner on 29th Street in Manhattan. Returning from their Bermuda honeymoon they’re greeted by Cici, a large, long haired, green eyed, white cat. She’s a very special feline with an exotic background.

One heart pounding mission follows another from New York to California, Hawaii and finally Beijing. They recruit a Russian hacker who opens a back door in OPEC’s secrets. They catch a Spy, solve a murder, foil a kidnapping and uncover secret Information on China’s leadership. Breaking all the rules of espionage with heir heroics in Beijing, they’re called to Washington to account for their actions.

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